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Welcome to, your one single stop for gambling articles and news on online casinos and sports betting.  Our stories, news and features are added daily.  We welcome suggestions and submissions.  To suggest or submit an article, please click here.   Don't forget to bookmark our site and come back often!

Latest Articles

Issue #92 - Betting on College Bowl Games
Dec 28, 2004
The Super Bowl is still a couple of months away,  but the holidays are here and so is college bowl season!  As a bookmaker,  I am thrilled with how many bowl games there are,  but as a fan. not so much.

Issue #91 - Line Shopping Made Easy
Dec 20, 2004
In last week's issue we talked about teasers.  The Monday Night Football game was a good example of a game that was good for the house on teasers as it finished more than 7 points off the total and the spread.

Issue #90 - Teasers and Sweethearts
Dec 8, 2004
How many times have you lost a bet to a last-minute field goal,  fumble or bad call?  The extra 7 points you get with teasers suddenly looks very reassuring,  doesn't it?

Issue -89 The Truth About Parlays
Dec 1, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving!  Before I talk turkey and parlays with you,  Id like to respond to an email I received with regards to last weeks column on money management:

Issue #88 How Good Are Your Money Management Skills?
Nov 22, 2004
How do your money management skills stack up? Take the following short quiz and find out:

Issue #87 - From the Gridiron to the Hardwood
Nov 16, 2004
Its a Sunday afternoon and your favorite NFL team is playing. Your bets are in, your beer is cold, your friends are on their way over and your big-screen TV is good to go.

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