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Welcome to, your one single stop for gambling articles and news on online casinos and sports betting.  Our stories, news and features are added daily.  We welcome suggestions and submissions.  To suggest or submit an article, please click here.   Don't forget to bookmark our site and come back often!

Latest Articles

Issue #86 – Props and Futures Betting Basics
Nov 8, 2004
Props:  Sometimes serious but always good fun,  props are unusual betting opportunities that can add a new level of excitement to whatever it is that you’re watching,  be it a major celebrity,  sports or television event.

Issue #85 – Betting Halftimes
Nov 1, 2004
I told you so. In my last Frontlines (Issue #84 First Half Betting) I said, and I quote, “I am a horrible bettor and my suggestions rarely pan out, but on the surface it is pretty easy to see which team I would choose to bet on for the first half this weekend.”

Issue #84 – First Half Betting
Oct 21, 2004
Your team is leading the football game through three quarters. They’ve staked out a decent lead going into the fourth and if you had wagered on the first half you would have already put money in the bank

Issue #83– Understanding NFL Totals
Oct 8, 2004
Who’s the best team in the NFL right now? Who’s the worst team? Chances are you know the answers to those questions.

Issue #82 – Moneylines: It’s Not What You Think
Oct 4, 2004
Who really likes math?  When it comes to betting on football,  most North American bettors favor pointspreads over moneylines simply because they get pointspreads.

Issue #81 – Power to the Home Dog
Sep 27, 2004
As you’re looking through this week’s schedule and you’re trying to decide on which teams to bet on, it’s always a good idea to look at the home dogs first.

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