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Issue #29 - Betting on Televised Games
Oct 10, 2002
I want to give you a little something to think about before you make your next bet on a televised game that will maybe save you some money over the course of the season.

Issue #28 – Football Halftime Wagering
Oct 4, 2002
This week I want to finish off the set by talking about betting during Halftime and the opportunities that arise by betting on a sporting event where you have already seen half the game before you make your play.

Issue #27 – Betting on Football First Half Lines
Sep 26, 2002
If you have never tried betting on First Half lines you are missing a valuable tool from your wagering arsenal.

Issue #26 – A Typical NFL Sunday “Behind the Scenes”
Sep 16, 2002
Rather than my normal column format, I thought I would give you a look at how Sunday went for the House this past weekend.

Mad Dawgs, Noonday Sun
Sep 12, 2002 Staff
Why does Cleveland call its football stadium the "Dawg Pound" and why do the Browns have a dog for a mascot, anyway?

The Story Of The "Immaculate Reception"
Sep 12, 2002 Staff
What the football catch was that was called the Immaculate Reception and how it got its name.

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